A print finishing process that totally encases the whole document within the lamination film, making it waterproof and fully protected.

Usual applications: Menus, ID Cards, Outdoor Posters.

Available Sizes: A7 (2.9×4.1″) up to A0 (33×47″)


This print finishing process differs slightly from Encapuslation in that a layer of film is laminated over one or both sides of the document to provide a covering finish or to add durability to the document.

Usual applications: Business Cards, Folded Cards, Prestige documents, Indoor Posters.

Available Sizes: A7 (2.9×4.1″) up to A0 (33×47″)

Film Gauge

The total thickness of a particular film construction including its layers is measured in Microns (μ)

We stock a full range of Standards & Digital Print Films from 25.5μ to 500μ

Film finishes

The finish on film can either be Gloss or Matte.

Usual Applications for Gloss: to brighten & enhance the colours of the document.

Usual Applications for Matte: to reduce glare, or to give a smooth prestige finish.